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The peonies are ready to pop.

Every year, right around Commencement and Mother’s Day, I go on peony watch. Daffodils, tulips, lilac, iris . . .  these make me happy.

But for some reason, peonies are a true pleasure.

By this time next week, these beauties will be in full bloom!


And check out the paint on the door and trim, thanks to D.

I also have hummingbirds this year!


Look for it....
Look for it….


I often return home after Commencement feeling very alone, and somewhat sad.

But over the last few years, I am noticing how the students with whom I have most connected over four years of college tend to stay in the circle, and how we pick up months or years later.

Saturday was Webster University’s 95th annual Commencement Day.

I said ‘so long’ to a number of kids from a powerful class of graduates.

And then I came home (via Taco Bell), changed clothes, taught three voice lessons to people I really like too, worked in the yard, made a garden salad, and sat outdoors reading today’s papers until the light faded.

And I’m not sad.

Three students today wanted pictures with me.  And I with them.  Here’s the first of three daily ‘kid-a-day’ postings:

Domenic Mendoza graduated with a BA in Music.  Dom’s been my advisee for four years.  We took a chance on this guy, and as we thought, the spark we saw in this godly kid turned into him being the soul of the senior class, and one of the people who can make any of us laugh, any time.  Dom is going to stick around as a campus minister with IVF.  But I’m going to miss the day-to-day of Dom’s alter-ego, CiCi Sweets.

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