Daily Archives: May 7, 2014

Random Wednesday musings

Tuesday portrait outdoors by Thompson House at Webster University.
Tuesday portrait outdoors by Thompson House at Webster University.

I find myself at home this evening with nothing on the agenda.  I have absolutely nothing that must be done before tomorrow that a) isn’t already done or b) can’t wait until in the morning.  And the school schedule is blissfully light the next two days, with minimal meetings, tons of grading, and mostly end-of-semester activities and clean-up.

So I interviewed a new voice student this evening.

And in my sixth Spring in this home, found some irises blooming on the south side of the porch, and cut one to bring indoors.  (The iris is one of my most favorite flowers.)

A load of laundry is done and folded.  Fresh bedsheets are in the dryer right now.

I am making my way pretty well without the cane, at least around the house.

Speaking of the house, pollen is everywhere.  One pays a price for having some windows open, and that price is a major house-cleaning that needs doing.

Samson is asleep upstairs.  He’s aging.  He holds his bladder less well these days, and he sleeps more.  He also cuddles less.

Modern Family this evening was one of the funniest episodes I’ve seen.

The pin oaks out front are dropping their silky and nasty flowers everywhere.  And the dogwood out back is shedding.

May we please have rain tomorrow to wash the allergens from the air?

My school computer is in the shop.  I’m feeling just a little crippled without all the right software programs.

The Gerber daisies I bought on Friday are still looking quite lovely.  Fresh water and a fresh cut on the stem every day — that’s the key!

I have scheduled a quick day-trip to Lee’s Summit and back to retrieve the china cabinet.  While I’m truly sorry that Aunt Esther is gone (although she was so ready to go), I’m delighted that this piece of furniture will now grace my home.

Anna and I have tickets for the 9/11 Museum and Memorial in NYC when we visit in four weeks.

I have some song ideas percolating.  Maybe I should just go compose for a while?