Daily Archives: May 3, 2014


I love mango.

There.  I said it.

Mango makes me deliriously happy, especially when the mango is served simply: fresh, bite-sized, without any frills.

The problem is that mango is a difficult prep.  The stone is large, and it hangs on.  The skin is thick. The flesh bruises easily.

I spent six minutes this morning cutting up a mango, all for what will be one small breakfast portion.



But what joy I shall have in eating my Saturday mango!


In other news, my garage was burgled overnight.  I lost K’s bicycle.

And in more news, seven of my students are arriving from brunch and a voice master class today at 11. And then I’m seeing Charlie in a workshop reading of a new musical, to be held in a rehearsal hall at the Muny this afternoon.  And then I see the Webster University Dance Ensemble this evening in their year-end show.  And tomorrow includes Holy Eucharist and two more concerts.  And grading of papers and exercises for my music theory class.

Finals begin Monday.