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Today's breakfast of champions!
Today’s breakfast of champions!


7.15 a.m.  —  I’m happy to report that I walked the stairs from my bedroom to the main floor this morning, taking each step normally rather than putting down my bad leg first. I say this with joy, since it’s the first time in 10+ weeks that I’ve been able to move my leg this much this early in the day.

And that, dear readers, is progress!

I also left my cane in the car last evening when I arrived home.  This is progress too.  In the past week, I have been able to walk around the house quite a bit without needing the cane, although I wobble a lot.  And yesterday at work, several colleagues noticed that I was making my way to and from the copier and the faculty loo without needing the cane.

Surgery was ten weeks ago today.  I am far from healed, but quite happy with the progress that is especially noticeable over the last week!