Daily Archives: April 27, 2014


Sunday morning selfie.
Sunday morning selfie.

Today = grading papers.  Attending and speaking at a memorial service.  Going to a concert.  Catching my Charlie in his last Webster show (at least the final act of the show).  Judging on-line auditions for Classical Singer.  Paying bills.  Sweeping and steam-cleaning the downstairs floors. Finishing laundry.

Summer travel

People keep asking me if I’m traveling this summer.  And I keep saying ‘not much.’  And then I look at the calendar  . . . .

Next month: trips to Chicago for a quick vacation, and then a week later to San Antonio for a conference and master class presentation.

June: NYC for five nights, then later in the month the annual trip to International Thespian Society in Lincoln.

July: a visit home; six nights in Portland, Oregon with Michael and Katie and the girls; a trip to see Ken in Kansas.


August: a trip to Indiana for Adam’s wedding.

I expect a few more brief trips, including day trips for tourism, and of course a run-out or two to see my students in shows!