Daily Archives: April 26, 2014


The Saturday morning started off with breakfast a little diner down on Lindbergh. My mind was transported back to the little cafe in Adrian where I once ate open-faced hot roast beef sandwiches with G-ma Blocher.

And then D and I drove out to Eureka to the lavender farm.  I returned home with soap and lavender tea and three baby lavender plants for the back yard.

Of course I then needed to stop by the hardware store for bone meal and lime and blood meal to enrich the soil and provide the right pH balance.

So, since gardening is still not possible for me, D is here mixing nutrients into the fragrant earth and prepping two different flower beds for new lavender, verbena, painted daisies and the like. I’m trying to plant perrenials!

Meanwhile, the pansies are growing and looking good.  Lilac scent perfumes my home, with cuttings from the bush in the yard.  The peonies will bloom in two or three weeks, right on target.  The dogwood is in full ‘look at me’ mode.  And wildflowers are blooming in various places in the back garden.

Here’s D hard at work: