So I’m thinking this evening about things that I have collected from family members who have gone on before me.

I am surrounded by objects that belonged to others, and now belong to me.  I see these things every day, and touch many of them every day, and they are part of my life now.

That's one of Aunt Esther's mirrors on my living room wall.
That’s one of Aunt Esther’s mirrors on my living room wall.

In no particular order:

Grandma Carter: her formal china.  A living room table.  My favorite lamp.

Grandma Blocher: her formal silverware. A chenille bedspread.  An antique wall mirror.  Various pieces of cookware.  A great deal of lovely stemware.

Great-grandmother Slade: a double bed.

Aunt Esther: two wall mirrors.  Two lamps.  A bedroom suite.  An antique platform rocker, now reupholstered in my colors.  Some paintings.  And in a few days, a china cabinet.

My mother: Fireking Jade-ite dishes. An antique dining room table.  An antique buffet.

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