Daily Archives: April 8, 2014

Senior recital

For a teacher of music, few events are more intensely satisfying that a degree recital done well.

I never gave a senior recital in college, but I did sing a graduate recital, and of course had three doctoral conducting recitals.

I also supervised four junior and senior recitals at the college in Kentucky where I spent one academic year in the late 1990s.

On Friday evening last week, one of my advisees, a young man who loves to make people laugh and who has a true zest for life, gave a student recital to conclude his university studies. ¬†Domenic Mendoza sang with passion and purpose, negotiating languages quite well, and moving many of us to tears with his rendition of Malotte’s¬†“The Lord’s Prayer.”

Astute readers will recognize Dom from the video of him curled up on my office floor as if I were a tyrant and he the lowly office clerk.

I’m proud to know this guy, and glad to know that he will yet be around for a while as a campus minister at Webster.

With Dom after the recital.

With Dom after the recital.