Daily Archives: April 5, 2014

Saturday night

Week One of the five long ones is now ending.


I am home now, at 9.15, listening to SLSO play Sibelius 2, one of my favorite symphonies.  I was to be there tonight . . . at Powell Hall to hear this work live.

But Matt Pentecost intervened.  When your student is singing a leading role in an opera, you go.  Matt kicked butt tonight as Bob in The Old Maid and the Thief by Gian Carlo Menotti, presented by Gateway Opera.  His voice was perfect for the space.  He sang beautifully.  He was funny.  And I’m one very proud voice teacher.

Tomorrow is a Webster University student composers concert at Christ Church Cathedral.  Sometime tomorrow I also need to write for my theory class an explanation of how we modulate in music, and I need to grade papers, and I need to finish marking up all my Regional Arts Commission grant applications before the review session on Wednesday.

But now?  Quacking oboes and ringing horns and thrilling strings.  And the brass chorales.  Ah, Sibelius!!


Said the New York Times on Friday:

“It can be frustrating to be a fan of Ms. Brewer, one of the leading vocalists of the day, since she is quite selective about her opera roles and limits her concert schedule.  But she is worth the wait.”

Christine Brewer is singing a recital in NYC on Sunday as part of the George London recital series at the Morgan Library.  How I wish I could be there to see and hear my friend on stage.  She’s one of a kind . . . and a much-loved treasure.

Ah well.  I shall see Christine soon enough in Chicago as she sings the Mother Abbess at the Lyric Opera in The Sound of Music.


In this photo, I’m accompanying Christine as she joins the Gateway Men’s Chorus in my last concert with the group.