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Saturday morning


Well, as I write this morning, nearing 11 a.m., I haven’t even checked to see what I’m supposed to be doing today.

Instead, I had a lie-in, then a lazy breakfast.  I have attempted to light housekeeping chores.  And I’m on my third cup of coffee.

Today?  One voice lesson.  A trip to Costco.  A show at school tonight.  And a list of things to get done.

The week has been full and rich, with wall-to-wall activity at school.  Last evening’s composers’ concert was fun, with many different styles on display.  I’ve been encouraged by three people in the last two days to think about writing a musical.  Our guest seminar yesterday was well-attended.  Samson is healing well.  And spring is arriving.  So . . . all is well.

I cut three daffodils from the yard this morning, the first daffodils of the season. They now grace by mantle.  In due course will come tulips, then peonies, then lilac.  This season is truly filled with the seemingly simply but oh-so-complex wonder and beauty of nature!

So much…

Thursday night selfie.
Thursday night selfie.

This is the season that wears me out.

After having the better part of five weeks where I could put my leg up every night, tonight starts the long march toward Finals Week and fewer evening commitments.

This weekend: sing on a composer showcase concert on Friday evening; attend a Conservatory show on Saturday evening; sing Sunday afternoon on a showcase concert at a local church, then attend a Music concert in the evening.

Next week: attend concert on Monday; produce a guest lecture on Tuesday; home on Wednesday evening; attend a Shakespeare production on Thursday; attend senior recital on Friday; attend SLSO on Saturday; attend community engagement concert on Sunday.

The week of April 7 is very similar, except that I will leave on Friday, after new-student auditions, by train for Lee’s Summit for the induction ceremony on Saturday, then return by train on Sunday.

And then we have Holy Week. And then the final concert week of the semester.

Looking at the next month, the only night I’m at home is Wednesday evenings.  Every other night, save for one Thursday, has something on it.

Such is the life this time of year!  Jean the Magnificent and I were lamenting this week, and then we realized that every year — truly, every year — these first five weeks after Spring Break are the busiest of the year with performances, ending one semester, advising and enrolling for another, planning another year, concluding and beginning and continuing.  It’s all part of the cycle.  And we’d have it no other way.

Five weeks later

Sunday selfie.
Sunday selfie.

Five weeks ago, I lay in the hospital with a broken leg.  Surgery was hours away.

The last five weeks have been awkward, happy, frustrating, humbling, tiring, rewarding, and ultimately positive.

I am so grateful for the folks who have provided food and transport and help around the house and comfort and a shoulder to lean on (both literally and figuratively).  Dolph has been especially towering in his devotion and care.

While this recovery is nowhere near over yet, and wholeness is weeks if not months away, I am walking around the kitchen now without the cane, and not needing the walker in the morning very much, and noting less swelling in the leg, and finding that I need less elevation of the leg when resting.   I can get around under my own steam.  I’m driving again, at least around town.

On the flip side, I can feel the screws on cold days, and standing is still very tiring and quickly, and sitting for more than an hour without a bit of a walk is immediately a bad idea upon standing again.  Stairs are still a challenge; I am confronted with them daily at home and at work.  I feel like I look ancient and decrepit when first standing or walking.  And some nerve tingles are still present in my foot.

But . . . cup half full here . . . I am so much better, and grateful for the care of friends and neighbors, and thankful that this injury was no more serious, and happy to be alive in these early days of Spring.



Poor Samson.


My little furry friend had two more teeth taken out yesterday.  He’s missing many of his teeth now.  Seems like he’s turning into an Arkansas dog….

Seriously, though — his dental cleaning, as expected, led to two more extractions, some stitches, grogginess, pain, and so on.  I hate hearing him whimper and moan.  He tolerated the anesthetic well, but he’s still in pain, and I don’t like it one bit.

On the flip side, the vet worked on his nails while he was out, and they are shorter than I’ve ever seen them.  Glory be!  No more clicking on the hardwood.

And his ears have had a good cleaning too.

And Samson is getting canned food like a spoiled rich dog, at least for the next ten days or so.


Notes on transit:

  • northern Arkansas is pretty desolate.  And I do mean desolate.
  • the drive went over Fourche River, Mule Ditch, and Macgruder Slough.  And I’m not making this up.
  • the Missouri portion of the drive is really quite lovely, heading north from Poplar Bluff and Farmington to South County.
  • a massive boondoggle of highway interchanges near Walnut Grove, Arkansas is evidence of plenty of graft and corruption.  A four-way stop would have sufficed.
  • I was so glad to be back in STL on Saturday.
  • I have never seen more forlorn houses, and more wrecked mobile homes, than those in northern Arkansas.  My lord…..
From Little Rock, on Saturday morning.
From Little Rock, on Saturday morning.