Samson wanted to snuggle this morning.  And he was almost purring like a cat.  This is one strange, wonderful, neurotic dog.

His ‘stay with me’ greeting this morning was lovely.  A less lovely greeting was the natural gas bill I received yesterday.  In February 2013 I was billed a total of 185 therms for the previous 30 days.  This January was 228, and the current bill is 288.  That’s a $200 bill for the one month.  Presciently, I am on a level pay plan at $88 a month, an amount that will surely be adjusted upward at some point this year.

Having an older home, and colder weather, is certainly a chore some days!

Now . . . back to Samson . . . he is presently curled up on the floor in my office here at home, snoring gently as he sleeps in front of the space heater that keeps this room warm.  He loves that space heater; in fact, he loves the sunlight and the fireplace and anything that warms him so.


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