Comic musical theatre songs

I’ve been thinking about putting together a list of laugh-out-loud songs from musical theatre or contemporary cabaret.  My criteria? At a minimum, the song must be funny itself, not just funny in context; as a stand-alone, the song must make me laugh; foul language must be used sparingly; the song must be able to be cut to 32 bars and still be funny. Herewith, trying to overlook the rather obvious answers, a first stab:

  • Sensitive Song (O’Keefe and Benjamin)
  • Always a bridesmaid (I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change)
  • Whatever happened to my part (Spamalot)
  • Vodka (Gershwin)
  • Give him the oo-la-la (Cole Porter)
  • Everybody wants to be Sondheim (Alan Chapman)
  • Bad guys song (Bugsy Malone, the Musical)
  • Blind date (Kander and Ebb)
  • Calm (Gwon, Ordinary Days)
  • A summer in Ohio (Last Five Years)
  • Can that boy foxtrot (Follies)
  • The boy from . . . (Sondheim, The Mad Show)
  • I am Aldolpho (Drowsy Chaperone)
  • Flushed down the pipes (The Great American Trailer Park Musical)
  • Good old reliable Jake (Evil Dead, the Musical)
  • I’m in love (The Rothschilds)
  • Perky Little Porn Star (Naked Boys Singing)
  • My dogs (Finn, Elegies)
  • My H.D. TV
  • An old-fashioned love story (Lippa, The Wild Party)

Of course, many contemporary composer song books have funny lit in them too.  And we can’t forget Flanders & Swann (I successfully pulled of ‘The Hippopotamus Song’ in an audition last year).

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