Daily Archives: October 20, 2013

Stained glass

My oven decided to smoke up the house yesterday, thanks to some spillover on the bottom of the oven; I failed to clean them up several weeks ago.

The apple cake was subsequently cooked yesterday in the convection oven.

In the process of opening windows to air out the house (filled with what looked like the fog from a Ball State University Singers production) I decided that the stained glass in the living room, entry hall, and stairwell looked especially appealing in the late-morning light.

Herewith, evidence:

The new paint colors for the main floor of Chez Samson have been chosen in large part to bring out the recessed colors in these windows.  Of course, this means new textiles and accent colors too, to tie all of the colors together.  The chroma adventure continues to tomorrow as the kitchen succumbs to new colors and much freshening of detail.



Last evening, instead of catching the first few innings of the baseball game, I watched the Verdi 200th birthday concert of his Requiem as performed by the Muti and the Chicago Symphony.  My former student Adam is in the chorus.

I was especially smitten by the choral singing in this work!  My opinion about whole differs somewhat from the rapturous reviews from the Chicago critics, but we can’t all see eye to eye . . .

Here is the stream.  Enjoy!