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Unexpected tears

The scenario: I’m working on dinner of salad and some garlic bread.  Samson is begging for food.  And after an afternoon of eclectic music streams on the Apple TV, I have (uncharacteristically) put on some of my own music-making as background music.  (I rarely listen to my own choral or vocal recordings at all, and even more rarely as background noise.)

So I’ve taken the first bite of the salad: Romaine, Parmesan, some chicken, homemade croutons, in a too-sweet creamy Italian dressing.  And on comes ‘Climb Every Mountain’ from my last concert (February 1999) with the Jacomo Chorale of Blue Springs.

Leading the Jacomo Chorale at my farewell concert.
Leading the Jacomo Chorale at my farewell concert.

I stop eating.  I start listening.  I’m amazed at the clarity of the sound and texture, and the beauty of the textual declamation.  (Granted, we’d work hard for 10 years on moving this group forward, but I’d forgotten just how good that concert actually was.)

And then, at the key change, I lose it.  I’m crying real tears.  The Vaughan Williams pieces that followed continued to move me in this way.  And then we hit ‘Things That Never Die,’ a piece that I love dearly, and that has rarely been sung as lovingly as these 70 folks did on that Saturday in February fourteen and half years ago.

How much life has passed since this day, and the glow from that concert still lives strong in me.  I was moved to tears in a very good way this evening, for a very good reason, and through the medium of choral music that is one of my life’s artistic focal points and chief joys.

‘Tis a good thing to feel emotion, to be moved by music, to remember a happy day with music and folks I loved.

Here is a sound file from that concert.  You’ll find more on this blog by going to the search bar and typing in JACOMO CHORALE.

Now to cheer on the Cards.

Remodeling update

With the entry hall now finished, I am turning next to the kitchen.  The ceiling needs to be patched where paint and plaster have erred and strayed; the walls need no longer to be orange; the trim on six different openings needs to be painted as well.

So, come Monday, my handy-guy will be here.  This should be done in a day: prime walls, fix the ceiling, paint the ceiling, paint the trim, paint the walls.  I’m doing as much of the prep work as possible, and then he goes from there.

One week later, the two big rooms get attention.  More on that anon.

By the end of October, I will have a new and different color scheme for the entire main floor of the my home.


The final product of the past week’s work …

Here's the new entry hall!
Here’s the new entry hall!