Daily Archives: October 11, 2013


Connecticut.  I’ve never been here.  But I’m here now, in Southbury.  The conference begins with cocktails, dinner, and a concert this evening.  So I’m chilling in the hotel for a while.

The train trip from Penn Station to New Haven was uneventful, and the ride in the rental car from New Haven up into the hills was lovely indeed!

On Amtrak today.
On Amtrak today.

Random thoughts

Sitting by a pathological twitcher at a show is not a fun experience.  The only time I’ve had a worse sit-next-to-you experience was at The Book of Mormon, where the lady next to me twirled her hair around her finger for the entire show.

NYC taxis are not as clean as London taxis.

Apartment living is the way to go when traveling to NYC.

I’m betting that Stark Sands never envisioned himself taking a curtain call in drag-queen red leather boots, and boxer shorts.

Sleeping the night through is a real blessing.

And having a ham and egg biscuit from the Southern bakery across the street is a delight.