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John Huffer

John Huffer, a colleague from Ball State University, died last week.  He was 54 years old.

John was the university photographer.  He worked with me on numerous projects in my eight years on faculty in Muncie.  He took so many shoots of me and my students . . . in concert, on tour, in the studio.  (I’ll append below a headshot that John took.)

The 2005 headshot.
The 2005 headshot.

John was a large man with a huge smile and a giant spirit.  He never met someone he didn’t like.  His obituary is posted here.

Rest in peace, John.


Here are some shots that John took of Ball State University Singers on a tour to Washington DC in December 2001:

Sunday in Michigan

My breakfast this morning.
My breakfast this morning.

The day is gray and grim, and I fear that I won’t see any sun at all on this trip to Traverse City.  I guess I’ll just have to appreciate the sun even more next time.

Sleep was restless last night.  Rare are the nights when the hotel temperature and humidity and bedsheets and pillows and need for sleep all align.   So I woke up at 6 a.m., then snoozed for two more hours!

My high school friend Kim posted on Facebook this morning the sad news that two of my classmates died this past week.  Neither were close friends 35 years ago, but the death of classmates, aged 52 and 53, is certainly a reminder of mortality for this middle-aged man.  May Liz’s and Jeff’s souls rest in peace, and may flights of angels sing them to Glory.