Random Thursday

Thursday selfie.
Thursday selfie.

Random Thursday comments.

For being on ‘leave,’ I certainly seem to be busy!

Please, HEAT, go away.  Surely ’tis time for autumn.

Samson has had a couple of days of upset tummy, but he’s now as frisky as usual.

The new choral anthem is done.  I can only spend about three hours a day putting it on the computer, so I expect Sunday will be the full completion of the final score.

Pimping Jennifer Johnson Cano’s recital (Monday, 9/30, 7.30 p.m. at the Sheldon) certainly takes time and effort.

Clean sheets are true blessing.

I find myself lingering over Morning Prayer when I don’t have to go to the office each day.

In the next ten days: six dinners to fix or attend.

Theatre season is ramping up.  In the next two weeks I’ll see Cabaret, Parade, and My Fair Lady.

And speaking of fair ladies, I’m lunching with Christine Brewer today, and with Lindsey McKee next week!

J-Dog is coming to spend the weekend.  He’ll be singing at Saturday’s ‘Sing For Your Brunch,’ the menu of which includes baked French toast, two kinds of breakfast meat, fresh fruit, homemade blueberry syrup, juice and coffee.

The West Wing is one of the finest television shows ever made.  I watched the first four episodes of Season 2 last evening (the ones where we find out what brought them all together, told in flashbacks in the midst of the aftermath of the shooting) and I recalled again what gripping drama that was in 2000, and how I hated that wait for the next week.

Apple cake is delicious.  I made some yesterday.

Picking new paint colors is an arduous chore.

I picked up two new voice students in the last few days!

The yard needs mowing.  Thanks be to God for the rain overnight.  Now,  Notre-Père, pouvons-nous avoir plus?

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