There are days . . . .


There are days when I just need to read Evening Prayer as soon as I get home.  And I do so do.  And I did, today.

Nothing untoward happened today, but I was just beat and whipped and worn when I got home.  I think that perhaps part of this is that I can feel my sabbatical starting to take hold.  And part of the weight today is that this always happens in the week before school begins.  No matter how prepared we are — and we ARE prepared — this week is just a complex, confounding, wearying pile of things to do.

So I drive home, tired.  Samson is needy; outdoors he goes.  I read Evening Prayer after throwing some chicken in the oven so I have protein to go with the salad.  I eat dinner, make a few calls, and it’s now 7 p.m. and I’m stepping out for a walk.

Weary doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to be healthy.

But damn if my foot doesn’t ache like the dickens for reasons too detailed to explain on a blog.  Alas.

Even so, Sweet Sabbatical, come, and soon.

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