Dublin cathedrals

Dublin has two Church of Ireland cathedrals, just a few blocks from each other.

While I don’t understand this, and haven’t done my research, I did visit both cathedrals today.

St. Patrick’s is the more impressive and ornate.  Sir Charles Villiers Stanford (a favorite composer) is commemorated there, since he spent the first and formative years of his life in the cathedral.

Jonathan Swift (author of Gulliver’s Travels) was Dean of St. Patrick’s in the 1700s. He was quite the reformer, and found himself blocked from what would have been a powerful cross-Channel career, thanks to his honest preaching and inspired passions.  He is buried at St. Patrick’s; I paid homage today.

I attended Evening Prayer at Christ Church Cathedral, seated in the Quire as the only parishioner.  The responses to all the collect and petitions, the second-half verse of each psalm — all me.  What a delight and joy this Evening Prayer was!

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