Saturday = Away Day

Self-portrait on the Away Day.
Self-portrait on the Away Day.

Saturday, 7 a.m.–

In group tours, we use the term ‘away day’ to signal a full day of activities away from our home base.  For instance, my trip to Windsor on Tuesday will be an Away Day from London.

But today, ‘away day’ means that this the day that I ‘away,’ for in less than 24 hours I shall be setting foot on English soil, arriving at Heathrow in about 21 hours.

My checked bag is clocking in at 47 lbs without needing to ship anything.  I have packed judiciously, but still have too many shirts and socks, and I know it.

Samson knows that something is up.  He’s being a peculiar dog.

The house is as clean as it’s going to be, save for the bathroom which will be scoured this morning.

Today is the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul.  Thanks be to God for the witness of these two Apostles, evangelists, and martyrs for the faith.

Sadly last evening, I missed The Sound of Music because of an ill neighbor who needed assistance.  I so wanted to see Caitlin sing Maria, and was looking forward to a good production of this show . . . .  (The neighbor turned out to be in a diabetic state with very low blood sugar.  The ambulance guys were very helpful.)

Classic Metalcraft is here re-installing the gate between my house and 23.  This wrought iron gate was removed when the new pad was poured in April.  I’ve had a heckuva time getting a wrought iron company out to re-install. I just went outdoors to check on the work: in less than 30 minutes, holed were drilled, the gate was installed and plumb, and one of the guys was putting in a heavy grout to hold it all in place.  Et viola!

Random note: sunshine exposes dog hair and dust even in places where one thought one was being thorough.  Thanks be to God for Dirt Devil hand vacs!

My housesitters (! for the plural) will take up two beds, so I am putting fresh sheets out, and pulling personal stuff from my dresser top so that Emma can have plenty of space.

I have a few more school things to wrap up this morning, and a quick run to Costco for meds, and then I am ready to roll!

The next blog entry will be from O’Hare, or from London.  Stay tuned.

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