Daily Archives: June 5, 2013


Whenever I am home in Lee’s Summit, visiting family and reconnecting to my roots, I try to see others who have been part of my journey.

Ten days ago, that other was Tom Flint.

Tom and I grew up just a few blocks from each other.  We attended the same elementary school, the same church.  We sang in the same choirs.  We had similar interests in theatre.  We ended up at the same college.

And then we went our separate ways, living very different lives.  And both of us ending up Episcopalian, oddly enough.

I reconnected with Tom 2.5 years ago, and have visited with him in person a couple of times since then.  On Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we lunched together and caught up a bit more.

I’m glad to have Tom in my life, as he is one of my oldest friends, we two having known each other since I was in 4th grade.