Daily Archives: June 2, 2013

Christ Church Cathedral

I last attended Christ Church Cathedral in Saint Louis over three years ago.  The parish was in some transition at that time.  After several months of sporadic attendance, I realized that the parish was not the right fit for me.

Flash forward to three weeks ago.  I attended service there because Doug Major was guest organisting that day.  And I found a place transformed.

The parish is vibrant and alive.  The congregation is of mixed races and ages.  Ministry is happening both within and without its walls. The grand space is filled with grand people who are taking seriously their Christian calling to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves.

I have found a parish renewed and changed.  And I’m delighted for them, and for me.

The Holy Spirit is at work at Christ Church Cathedral.  I soon will be too.

Chilly Sunday

I usually try to gain an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning, but I was wide awake before 6 this morning as the sun broke through the trees that block my eastern view.

Samson had already altered his sleeping arrangements at about 4.30, crawling under the counterpane and snuggling up by me.  In the morning chill, with the window wide open, I pulled the bedcover up to my neck to keep us both warm.

I started the coffee at 6.30, then read Morning Prayer for this first Sunday after Trinity Sunday.  On Sundays I usually include the General Thanksgiving, as I did today.

The outdoor temperature when I ventured to collect the newspaper was around 63 degrees, much chillier than I expected!

Breakfast consisted of an English muffin and some pineapple. I made a quick pasta salad for later today (farfalle and campanelle, plus some sweet Italian dressing and roasted red peppers).  Despite steaming the floors yesterday, the kitchen floor needed mopping, so I did.  The whole house is scented with Pine-Sol.

And it’s now 8 a.m.  I’ve started a load of laundry.  I’m reveling in the clean house and its tidiness.  I’m staring at the operetta project piled yet on the piano, but first I need to think about a grand Christmas anthem for Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kansas City.

Most immediately, though, I am readying for Holy Eucharist at Christ Church Cathedral this morning.