Saturday continued

The day has been both productive and peaceful, and at 6.30 p.m. the day has turned out to be quite beautiful too.  Clouds have cleared.  Blue sky abounds.  Temperatures are April-ish, rather than June-ish.  I’ve opened up the house for some fresh air.  And I’m writing from the porch swing, Samson by my side.

A quick Costco run led to a trip to the nail salon.

I’m without my boot this afternoon, since I desperately needed a (First-World problem here) pedicure.  And I wanted to give the ankle a chance to talk to me.

It is. I’m back in the boot in a few minutes.

Meanwhile, the time for Evening Prayer is nigh.

And after plowing through the first disc of Modern Family, season two, last evening, I think this evening is going to include planning for the UK trip (AKA itinerary building) and some reading about British history.

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