Mrs. Mannerly

K and I attended this evening a performance of Mrs. Mannerly, a play about manners and relationships.  My student Charlie Ingram was one half of the two-person cast.

And I was a proud teacher.

Mrs. Mannerly is at root a relationship story, featuring two endearing protagonists: Jeffrey, the young man and his older self looking back, and Mrs. Mannerly, the local manners maven who may have her own secrets.  Two actors bring this duo to life.

I will leave it to others to review the play, as I am biased.  My voice student was in the show, and he gave a tour de force performance of quick changes of character and voice and stature.  Charlie is so watchable anyhow, but he was especially so tonight.

My suggestion: spend the $30 and see this show before it closes at the end of the weekend.  This is as fine a 75 minutes of theatre as you can get, and you’ll be glad you did. K, who isn’t prone to praise of shows, said this was $30 well spent.

Performances are at COCA at the west end of the Delmar Loop.  The producer is Max and Louie Productions, where tickets are still available.

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