11 a.m. —

After breakfast of an English muffin and some fresh Panamanian pineapple, followed by Morning Prayer, I have this morning completed a number of little tasks here at home. And I feel like I’ve accomplished a few check-offs.

The grill is prepped for this evening’s barbecue.  I didn’t winterize the grill, so elbow grease, not to mention a good oiling, were in order.

Samson and I had a couple of tender moments today. He also enjoyed sunning himself in the back yard while I was working outdoors.

Sun tea is made. Some laundry is in the works.


At Costco in Independence yesterday, I ran into Judge Lewis from Lee’s Summit.  Bill Lewis was for more than three decades the municipal judge in my hometown.  He’s also a gifted singer. He and I spoke briefly yesterday about his role as the King of Siam in The King and I at Blue Springs City Theatre, a show that went up over 20 years ago.  I don’t recall if I music-directed that one, but I do remember that Janice Welch was Miss Anna, Brad Cairns was Chulalongkorn, and Carol Bahmueller was Lady Thiang.  (How’s that for a good memory?)

Judge Lewis’ son, Matt, is an Elvis impersonator of high regard.  Matt was married for a while to one of my very first voice students, a lovely soprano named Tiffany.


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