Daily Archives: May 19, 2013

Sunday evening

From home this evening.
From home this evening.

I see from Facebook that my friends in Kansas City and on into Kansas are getting hit by weather.  We could use the rain, too!

I’m home from an audition and call-back, and will leave momentarily for one more audition, one that I am certain will lead to a gig.  Sabbatical is starting to take shape.

Meanwhile, after not eating much all day, I have a hankering for mango, so I mango I will eat.

Then off will I be, to sing some Quilter at Powell Hall.

My Sunday

Alas and woe.  I was up twice in the night, and am still feeling some effect of dyspepsia.  So I am missing Holy Eucharist today, and the always-fun reading of the Pentecost gospel lesson in several languages.

I am feeling more like myself now, and hope still to make the audition early this afternoon, followed by another audition later this evening.  More on these two items as they materialize.

Samson the Feist meanwhile snores on the sofa, oblivous to the tongues of fire goings-on of this Pentecost Sunday.