Monthly Archives: May 2013

Friday afternoon

On this Friday afternoon, I was home before 4 p.m.  The sun was shining; the yard needed mowing.  Task completed.

Today was the last fully-booked day of the year, and the final day of the fiscal year as well.  We hosted new-student auditions in the morning.  We fed the faculty, then, before a faculty meeting to discuss long-range planning and where we wish to be and how to get there. That meeting lasted until 3.  I chose to not do any further work today.

And the weekend has arrived, free of any set appointments save for church on Sunday.

Mrs. Mannerly

K and I attended this evening a performance of Mrs. Mannerly, a play about manners and relationships.  My student Charlie Ingram was one half of the two-person cast.

And I was a proud teacher.

Mrs. Mannerly is at root a relationship story, featuring two endearing protagonists: Jeffrey, the young man and his older self looking back, and Mrs. Mannerly, the local manners maven who may have her own secrets.  Two actors bring this duo to life.

I will leave it to others to review the play, as I am biased.  My voice student was in the show, and he gave a tour de force performance of quick changes of character and voice and stature.  Charlie is so watchable anyhow, but he was especially so tonight.

My suggestion: spend the $30 and see this show before it closes at the end of the weekend.  This is as fine a 75 minutes of theatre as you can get, and you’ll be glad you did. K, who isn’t prone to praise of shows, said this was $30 well spent.

Performances are at COCA at the west end of the Delmar Loop.  The producer is Max and Louie Productions, where tickets are still available.

At the office

I have Samson with me at the office today.  He’s currently ensconced in a chair by my desk, resting in one of his many beds.  I brought the living room bed with me today, since he seems comfortable in it, both in the car and here.

We are expecting storms today.  Samson no like storms.

The HVAC guy was at my house as I left today, giving my air conditioners a tune-up.

I’m seeing the final preview of Il Tabarro/I Pagliacci at Opera Theatre of Saint Louis at noon today, then seeing Mrs. Mannerly at COCA this evening, with my student Charlie Ingram (now all of 21 years old) in one of the two roles in the show.

Let the long Thursday commence!

Saint Louis Symphony Chorus

I’m delighted to announce that I will be joining the Saint Louis Symphony Chorus for the 2013-14 season, and will be singing with David Robertson, Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, and others as conductors, all prepped by the inimitable Amy Kaiser as chorusmaster.

The season includes Verdi, Orff, Bach, Bruckner.  And Britten, at both Powell Hall in Saint Louis and Carnegie Hall in NYC on Britten’s 100th birthday anniversary.

What joy this will be!