Daily Archives: April 26, 2013

Friday evening

The evening report:

1.  My fibula and surrounding tendons are still a mess, if the discomfort I feel without the brace is any indication.  I see the ortho doctor on Wednesday for a 5.5-week check-up.  I’m ready for the boot to be gone.

2.  I’m home this evening, worn out.

3.  The week has been richer and fuller than I any single man deserves.  Such is the nature of the job.

4.  The dogwood tree outside my home office window is in a scrum of bloom, and I am happy for it.

5.  Few things in life compare to hearing a new choral work, composed in July, sung in a final dress rehearsal, and sung well and beautifully.  I was close to tears.

6.  Lilacs are one of Spring’s greatest gifts.  My home and office are a delight of scent.

7.  Hospitals . . . . One colleague is ill and ailing and in for a long recovery.  Another and his wife welcomed their first child last week.  My prayer book is getting a workout.

8.  The winter coats and caps are stored.  Spring and summer has arrived.

9.  Samson is a joy and boon.

10.  Even in this joyful Eastertide, the penitential Psalm 51 is still a good one to read.

11.  Merlin returns tonight on ScyFy for its final few episodes of the series.

12.  The weekend is also full.  Lessons, a singing competition to host, a show to attend, church, and a choral concert Sunday evening all get their own time slot this weekend.  So does grading and email catch-up.