Daily Archives: April 13, 2013


The good news?  Vienna’s weather should be stunningly beautiful whilst we are there.


The bad news?  In Amsterdam, I am still in my hotel room on a beautiful day here.  I am hoping that the gastro guile will subside soon.  Trent is off by himself, doing things that we had discussed for today, including the Anne Frank house and a symphony concert at the Concertgebouw.

I’m in my hotel room drinking sparkling water and attempting stay hydrated.


Amsterdam work day

Dr. Patterson and I spent Friday in Leiden and in Wassenaar, the site of the The American School of The Hague (ASH).  Our visits were energetic and productive.  Trent now sees why I was so high on ASH after visiting here last year.  We are excited about placing students there for student teaching.

We also met one of the two music teachers at Webster University – Leiden, with the promise of some great connections and ideas to grow from this brief meeting.

Upon returning to Amsterdam after a full eight-hour day of transit and meetings, I gave in to what I feared was happening: a stomach bug, or some bad sandwich meat at lunchtime.  In any event, to spare my gentle readers the awful details, I’m still in my hotel room, 17 hours later.  Trent has gone to the pharmacy, and the hotel has sent up dry toast and fizzy mineral water.

We shall what this day brings after I get some Imodium in me.