The body, Amsterdam time

The human mind and body . . . amazing.

I left the jet yesterday with a fairly swollen ankle, but within ten minutes of debarking, I was feeling like walking again.

And instead of taking a taxi as planned, we took the train and saved Euros.  Of course that meant more walking.

One thing I do know is that this little ‘ol body doesn’t like cobbletones.  Walking in a boot means that any uneven surface is more of a challenge.  I knew what to expect, but wow . . . .  Amsterdam sidewalk are not made for the movement-challenged.

I feel pretty heavily into bed last evening.

And then I was wide awake at 4.45 in the morning, just as I have been pretty much every day for the last two weeks.  No matter the time zone, I’m awake at the same time.  I don’t get it, although I know it has to do with wiring and internal expectations rather than Circadian rhythms and such.

So, at 5.55 a.m. Amsterdam time, I’ve been up for an hour, and I’m ready for the day.  The camera battery is charged.  I’m editing the canal videos from yesterday.  No sun is yet appearing.


1 thought on “The body, Amsterdam time

  1. Just got to skype with my handsome hubby. Sounds like you two had fun yesterday on the canal tour and at a yummy dinner. Hope your ankle continues to hang in there for you!

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