Truths for today

Photo 28

1.  No matter what, you will always find cobblestones on which to walk.

2.  Spring is indeed the most glorious season.

3.  Doesn’t matter where you park, since the birds will still find a way to poop on the car.

4.  A dog’s wet nose is one of life’s best balms.

5.  The music of Robert Chamberlin is inevitably accessible & well-crafted, and sometimes humorous (as is he).

6.  Teaching voice lessons to interested and engaged students shouldn’t be something I get paid to do, since I enjoy it so much.

7.  I’m more like Thomas the Doubter than I care to admit.

8.  Tres leches cake, even a week later, is mighty yummy.

9.  Pain in the ankle can lead to two weeks of toss-and-turn nights.

10.  The Book of Common Prayer is still and ever one of my most faithful companions.

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