Daily Archives: April 2, 2013

In my chair

I’ve felt very much like Jimmy Steward in Rear Window this last week, although for me the chair is by the front window.  I look out at Lawn Place and see my little slice of world going by.  So far, no one looks like a murderer.

This chair seems to be one of the few places I’m really comfortable.  The ottoman is the right height.  The pillows behind my back support me in all the right places.  And Samson snuggles comfortably at my side.

I said yesterday that the novelty of ‘how am I going to get this sock on today?’ has worn off.  I meant it.

But God is still in the heavens, and the sky is still blue.  And all will be well.

Tonight: decision time about a couple of things in my daily life.

Tomorrow: a full day, and more contract labor on the manse.