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Proud of my girl

I’m proud of my girl today.  That girl is Emily Sharpe, my high school senior voice student, who pulled a rating at State on Saturday of ‘I’ on both her vocal solos and her piano solo.

Emily will be coming to Webster University this Fall to pursue a music education degree.  She’s my only high school senior, and she’s shown remarkable growth over the last 18 months of lessons.

Her songs this year?  Mozart’s “Un moto di gioia” and Hahn’s “L’heure exquise.”

A remarkable evening

No one will ever say that Legally Blonde is the deepest, most meaningful, most emotionally pungent musical theatre piece ever written.

In fact, as a script and a vehicle, it’s pretty vapid.

But the show also has some great vocal hooks, an energetic score with just the right number of ballads, opportunities for wink/nudge humor as well as many moments of belly laughs, and broadly written characters that cry out for actors who can make the outlines their own.

With my senior Jordan Parente after the show.
With my senior Jordan Parente after the show.

Last evening, at Webster University’s Loretto-Hilton Center, my colleagues and students in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts kicked this show out of the building.  Under Lara Teeter’s direction, with Larry Pry providing expert musical direction, and with a winning cast of impassioned students, this was one of the funnest evenings of theatre I’ve had at Webster since I arrived her five years ago.

Of course I was a proud teacher with one of my students in a leading role, and another of my students (and only senior) showing up in every other scene (with multiple costume changes, and even wigs) and serving as dance captain.  Add to that the joy of having had many of these students in music theory class.  And then add the energy of a very full house, each of us in the palm of the casts’ hand.

I was a happy man last evening.

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Friday evening

The evening report:

1.  My fibula and surrounding tendons are still a mess, if the discomfort I feel without the brace is any indication.  I see the ortho doctor on Wednesday for a 5.5-week check-up.  I’m ready for the boot to be gone.

2.  I’m home this evening, worn out.

3.  The week has been richer and fuller than I any single man deserves.  Such is the nature of the job.

4.  The dogwood tree outside my home office window is in a scrum of bloom, and I am happy for it.

5.  Few things in life compare to hearing a new choral work, composed in July, sung in a final dress rehearsal, and sung well and beautifully.  I was close to tears.

6.  Lilacs are one of Spring’s greatest gifts.  My home and office are a delight of scent.

7.  Hospitals . . . . One colleague is ill and ailing and in for a long recovery.  Another and his wife welcomed their first child last week.  My prayer book is getting a workout.

8.  The winter coats and caps are stored.  Spring and summer has arrived.

9.  Samson is a joy and boon.

10.  Even in this joyful Eastertide, the penitential Psalm 51 is still a good one to read.

11.  Merlin returns tonight on ScyFy for its final few episodes of the series.

12.  The weekend is also full.  Lessons, a singing competition to host, a show to attend, church, and a choral concert Sunday evening all get their own time slot this weekend.  So does grading and email catch-up.

Last Vienna pics

Going to pick up my alterations on Saturday, I walked by the Spanish Riding School stables, where the famous Lipizzaner Stallions are housed.  Later that evening, I attended a concert at the Musikverein by Concentus Musicus Wien, with Nickolaus Harnencourt in full majesterial conducting mode.  I think I saw God that evening.

Cottage pie

I’m determined to do more of my own cooking.  There is no reason in the world why I should eat convenience food!

So, after a $115 run to the store to restock the larder as it were, I came home at 6.45 to start dinner.  By 7.40 p.m. the cottage pie was out of the oven.  Turkey, beef stock, carrots, onions, potatoes — this was a fine meal!  I finished it with some white grapes.