Easter Sunday


Rather than being at church as I wish and desire, I am laid up at home this morning.

At two different points in last evening’s Easter Vigil, I had a hard time rising from my chair to stand, so bad was the back spasm.  (I twisted hard as I fell last week, and the back has been getting progressively worse all week. Heat and stretching at home don’t seem to be efficacious.)  By the time I got home last evening, I had trouble getting out of the car.

So, after struggling to get out of my clothes and my walking boot, I went to bed, and on an empty stomach.  At about 2 in the morning, I moved from bed to the recliner in my office, which felt better on the back.  At about 5, I took a pain pill.

And then I didn’t hear my alarm, and when Nick texted and called at 8.30 this morning to find out where I was, the phone was in the other room and I couldn’t get to it.  Then when I did start moving, I realized that standing is great for my back spasms, but not for my ankle swelling (because it is indeed swollen again).

The day has not started off propitiously.  I am missing church . . . I have about one sitting position that is comfortable . . . Samson is angered because he can’t be on my lap since I can’t lift him . . . I’m missing Easter service . . . and I’m frustrated as I can be, at least at this moment.

But — Christ the Lord is risen, and all is well.  Of this I am certain.

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