Daily Archives: March 27, 2013

I’m an invalid

I was called an ‘invalid’ last evening by a friend.

He meant it as a joke, but there is some truth.

I am not ambulatory as most others are; my movement is in-valid.

A typical 15-minute morning bathroom regimen took 35 today.

The walk down the stairs, usually a 15 second skip, took 90 seconds.

But suddenly, with some coffee in me, I’m feeling better.

And the walking cast is certainly an aide to stability, whilst also decreasing pain.

C is collecting me this morning and delivering me to work.  I have no idea how I will return home, but Laclede Cab is only a phone call away. (I tried driving C’s car last night, left-footed.  It’s possible, but not yet.  I shall rely on others for a ride for a bit.)

Sleep last evening was deep when it happened, but in shorter shifts than the night before.  I stayed in the cast last evening, and the cumbersome bulk of it may have been what caused me not to rest as well.

Every day is a new adventure right now!  I shall never take simple things, like walking, for granted again.

And now I should insert the story of seeing the legless man in Kuala Lumpur pushing himself along with his fists wrapped in cloth, his torso resting on a little four-wheeled platform like we used for exercise in 5th-grade Phys Ed.  Or of the legless beggar at the bus station in Melaka, Malaysia.

As I said, I shall not take walking for granted again, because this gift of easy movement is indeed not granted to all.  That I’m afflicted briefly with some minor drama is just my Holy Week penance.