Daily Archives: March 20, 2013

The next few weeks

With less than seven weeks of class left in this school year, and then a week of finals and juries, I’m acutely aware of how much is yet to come.

Next week is Holy Week.  From Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, I sing ten services, some of them quite lengthy, all with the choir of the Church of Saint Michael and Saint George in Clayton.

The weekend after Easter brings two more services.

I will host friends and students at my home for Easter Sunday, most likely with a lamb roast.

In mid-April I go to Amsterdam, Vienna, and Budapest for ten days.

When I return, the end-of-semester concerts are in full swing.

Somewhere in there are more audition days, a few more faculty meetings, wrapping up the Salary & Fringe Benefits committee for the year, more regular Sunday services, finishing the private studio voice-lesson year, even more concerts and recitals, Christine Brewer at SLSO, state vocal contest, Webster’s hosting of the Hans Gabor Belvedere competition, and more.

On the happy-with-joy news bulletin, I purchased my airfare to/from the UK today, in prep for the June-August trip that will take me away for 39 days this summer!