Daily Archives: March 19, 2013


I recently renewed my passport, since my current one was set to expire later this year.  (I go with the less-than-six-month rule.)

My passport photo makes me look like some mid-level Soviet functionary, and the damn shadow makes me look like I have a neck the size of Shrek.  Alas.


I suppose passport photos are not intended to be glamour shots…..

At least I wore a bow tie.

My old passport contains reminders of many memories: three trips to China, one to Malaysia, several to Canada; several to Europe, with entry points in Italy, Germany, Denmark, England, France, Austria, and the Netherlands. US re-entries have included LA, Newark, Dulles, Atlanta, Chicago (of course), Detroit.

This page includes Malaysia entry and exit, Canada entry and exit and transit, London entry, Chicago entry, and a relic of the Cold War in the DDR stamp dated the day the Berlin Wall fell.  This stamp is from Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin.JCold.passport