Daily Archives: March 10, 2013


Brunch after church? Yup.

Day of rest = 2-hour nap?  Indeed.

Leaving for NYC, and not happy with my housekeeper’s last cleaning, so do some ‘light’ cleaning including steaming the downstairs floors?  That’s me.

Brush Samson’s teeth?  You bet.

Work on two loads of laundry, and change the sheets on the bed?  Thoroughly.

Listen to Payne’s reconstruction of Elgar’s proposed Third Symphony?  Gladly.

I love a Sunday with no concerts or things to attend other than church!

Sunday morning

‘Tis strange, this sudden change of hours.  Yesterday I rose at 7 a.m., with sunlight clearly evident.

This morning I rose at 6.30 a.m. in utter darkness.

And just like a silent thief, Daylight Saving Time arrives.

I stepped outdoors with Samson.  Birds were twittering — not as many as will be in a few weeks, but enough to sound of spring.

French toast, fresh mango, coffee — this was breakfast.

Here’s Samson with one of my adult students this week: