Monthly Archives: February 2013


When I was a teenager, I listened over the course of a year to the entire works of Beethoven, thanks to Gladys Alkire, my piano teacher, who owned the entire blue-boxed DG set released in the early 1970’s.

So this week, I’m attending a Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra performance of Beethoven’s 4th Symphony (coupled with the Elgar violin concerto, my real reason for going).

And in about seven weeks’ time, I’ll be in Vienna, where I will see and hear Nikolaus Harnoncourt and his group perform Beethoven II and the Mass in C, all of this at the Musikverein as part of the Spring Festival!

And the snow falls

This is what is covering Saint Louis right now.

I’ve opened my front blinds completely so I can enjoy the view of the snow falling.

School is canceled today; I didn’t even go in since the ‘closed’ message arrived as I was dressing for work.

Thinking I was going to have many hours of transit today and Saturday, I brought home work to do en route, meaning that I have plenty to work on.  Having lunched on a beef quesadilla, and letting a pork roast rest before putting it in the oven, I’m ready for calendar and planning work for 13-14.  All of this while listening to Sibelius’ orchestral music.

But first, I book my land tour in the UK and Ireland for July!