Daily Archives: January 13, 2013

Vacation ends

Truth be told, I only had off eight working days over the past two fortnights.  Such is the life of an administrator.

And over the holiday break between semesters, I’ve dealt with a dozen and a half church services, a few days away with family, a leak in the bathroom, a dead dishwasher, cabinets falling off the kitchen wall, and prep for the foundation repair that starts tomorrow.

Three Webster kids descended at 5.25 p.m. tonight to help.  Twenty minutes later, they had moved everything in the basement that needed moving.  I fed them homemade lasagna and panna cotta in thanks.

I also coached five students today on audition music for tomorrow’s theatre auditions at Webster.

Tonight?  Downton Abbey, and putting my latest choral music in Finale.

Pics from the week: