Daily Archives: January 10, 2013

Maplewood Plumbing

Posted today on a user-review site regarding Maplewood Plumbing:

After a hole in a second-floor pipe led to water all over the dining room floor, I called Will and the crew. Will himself came by, walked me through the possible gamut of fixes and potential problems, helped me understand what else might go wrong, and then recommended the least intrusive fix. One of his staff of plumbers showed up the next day, on time and ready to go. We walked through the situation, and he got to work, first by putting down drop cloth and screening off the whole area to minimize the drama of breaking into a dining room ceiling. Bottom line: the work was done in a jiffy, the cost was lower than I expected, the clean-up was marvelous, and the experience was one of the least painful household repairs I’ve ever had. I recommend this outfit without hesitation!