Daily Archives: January 3, 2013


I’m still marveling that yesterday I paid a guy $95 to poke a hole in a pipe and cause a flood in my dining room.  What kind of racket is this?

So today, at 1 p.m., a different plumber went on the clock.  He’s now torn a hole in my dining room ceiling.  He’s found the hole in the pipe, and explained why the blockage happened (although I didn’t understand that latter part).  And he’s on the clock for likely another two hours.

Plumbers aren’t cheap.

And now, at 2.40 p.m., the fix is in and water is draining freely.  Hallelu.

The plumber is cleaning up, and we’ll go from there with putting the dining room back together, scouring the tub, and having a shower.

Maplewood Plumbing came to the rescue.  And relatively inexpensively, as plumbers go!

Now for a shower…..

The move

In the midst of upheaval at home with the plumbing and foundation and such, I am also moving offices today.

The packing was completed before Break; the move is happening today.

I’m writing from my new office, room 206 in our beloved Thompson House.


The unpacking will commence later today, after new furniture and bookshelves are in.  Meanwhile, the phone is working and the IP address is correct, so off we go!

The view from the new office, looking south over the quad.
The view from the new office, looking south over the quad.