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This is post number 2750, a milestone post by any mundane accounting method.  I enjoy the writing and intend to continue for as long as blogs endure and I feel the urge.

Today’s blog is a bit of a rant.  Dr. Dan Politoske, 17 years ago my music history prof at Kansas, helped me understand that the adverb ‘hopefully‘ is just that, an adverb, and that the word is used incorrectly in much of the realms of our Sovereign Lady The Queen Elizabeth, as well as the United States.

(This is the same Dr. Politoske who would urge us to fondle books in the music library!)

When one says “I’m hopefully going to have one soon,” what one is actually saying is “I’m going to have one soon, in a hopeful manner.”  The correct phrase would be “I hope to have one soon,” a sentence this both more clear and more economical.

‘Hopefully’ modifies the verb; ‘hope’ is a verb itself, and is the active word in the sentence.

I know this may seem like nit-picking, but I do believe that language matters, that clarity counts, and that communication is often left incomplete and unsettled when we choose our words poorly.  I strive, in both speaking and writing, to be clear & correct and as casual as the situation allows.  One could argue that ‘hopefully’ has entered standard usage; in fact, many dictionaries and linguistic scholars assert just that, since the inexact use of ‘hopefully’ has existed since the 1830’s.

As for me, I shall remain a bit of an obscurantist, a bit of curmudgeon, and a bit of an idealist, and use ‘hopefully’ only when modifying the verb.

I was learning hopefully to change a tire, or maybe I was just hoping to mess my diaper unnoticed.
I was learning hopefully to change a tire, or maybe I was just hoping to mess my diaper unnoticed.

I hope thereby to change the world.  I will go about hopefully and joyfully doing so.

And I’m down

Tired.  Stuffed up.  Cough-ish.  A little bit woozy.  No fever or aches and pains.  Just lethargy.

I’m staying in today, and hoping that a day of quasi-rest at home will be helpful.

Right now the gutter-cleaners are here.  I was supposed to have roofers here today too, but since rain is forecast, I’m doubting that’s going to be the case.

Samson did not have a restful night, and I had to force his anti-inflammatory down his throat this morning.  He’s not recovering as immediately from this surgery as he did a year ago, poor thing.

At 8.30, I’m ready already for a nap.

Dental surgery

Samson was to have his teeth cleaned today.

He did.

He also had five more teeth extracted.  The poor pup is hurting tonight.  The sounds he’s making are pitiful, and I’m hurting that I can’t do anything for him besides hold him close and love him.

This pup has now had 13 teeth removed.  Dental disease is not treating him well.

Now . . . when did West Virginia join the Big 12??  How can this Jayhawks basketball game tonight possibly be a conference game?

While I was napping

Yesterday, while I was napping, this blog had visitors from the US and Canada, and also Finland, Pakistan, Japan, Malaysia, and Great Britain.

Last evening’s meal, made after napping, was Italian-seasoned meatloaf, fried potatoes, green beans, and dessert of Grand Marnier poached pears, all with a Syrah (reduced and sweetened over the pears).

Samson napped with me.