Daily Archives: December 23, 2012


From down the street, this noisy racket rang out, and then I heard singing.  I bundled up and went outdoors, taking Samson along, to find a bunch of Saint Louis University High kids, along with some of their girlfriends, caroling down the street.  I recognized some of the guys from working with the choir there.

My choice from them was “Feliz Navidad,” complete with maracas and dancing.  They kicked in “Auld Lang Syne” for good measure.

A chilly Sunday night is now warmer.  And I’m a bit misty-eyed.

From the nephew

My nephew Blayne called me two weeks ago to tell me he was driving up to KC to see the stage production of Les Miserables.  (See my notes from this production from October . . . .)

We talked some about my first time seeing the show.  Blayne had never seen it, so I told him a couple of things that he might anticipate.

I was delighted that he called me, and gladdened that he was going to see live theatre of this calibre.

So, at 10:54 p.m. that same night, this text exchange occurred, with the first message popping up unexpectedly, and much to my delight:

Him: Holy shit
Me: Told you.
Him: Yeah. I cried.
Me: Of course!
Him: The bridge was awesome
Me: You’ll have few theatrical experiences like that in your life.
Him: Just wow.
Me: Yup
Him: I’m in shock
Me: I told you!