Daily Archives: December 20, 2012


In the next month, I have three different contractors working at my home.  Between the garage, the kitchen, and the foundation, I’m going to be poorer but better off in my home . . . .

The kitchen cabinets came down last evening, and are even at this moment being reinstalled with double the amount of anchoring and better electrical work.  Here’s a shot from last evening after the cabinets came a-tumblin’ down, just like the walls of Jericho:


And today I finished packing up my office, awaiting the move upstairs to larger, more commodious digs, and place where I can actually teach and meet with families and groups in my Chair role.

The office, as I was leaving:



And just like that, with snow blowing in a howling wind, I am on vacation.

Leaving the office at 1.15 today, I said goodbye to Jean, looked once more at my boxed-up office awaiting a move in two weeks, checked in with the Boss, and drove home.

A grilled cheese sandwich and some chips comprised my lunch – a perfect wintry day meal.

Hallelujah for vacations!