Daily Archives: December 16, 2012

Lessons & Carols

Christmas Lessons & Carols tonight . . . the Church of Saint Michael and Saint George in Clayton . . . a full house, and very participatory . . . and unaccompanied anthems all the way.  The organ only sang for the carols, the prelude and the amazing postlude.

Hymn 102: Once in Royal David’s City
Parry: Welcome Yule!
Lloyd: Adam our Father
Ireland: Nowell, Nowell
Hymn 78: O little town of Bethlehem
Traditional: Riu, Riu, Chiu
Gibbs: Salutation Carol
Tavener: Hymn for the Mother of God
Traditional, arr. Walford Davies: The holly and the Ivy
Chilcott: The Shepherd’s Carol
Goss: See amid the winter’s snow
Friedell: Saw you never in the twilight
Hymn 83: O come, all ye faithful
Carter: The Oxen
Hymn 87: Hark, the herald angels sing

I was delighted that my own setting of Thomas Hardy’s The Oxen was included in the service, and that the choir sang it to perfect beauty.

And with this service, four services in 30 hours comes to a close.

Domestic hints

On this clean-and-tidy-and-bake afternoon, these domestic hints:

  • an upholstery attachment on the upright vacuum does pretty much the same job as a broom on the baseboards
  • 1-2 T of white vinegar in a 1/2-cup measure, then topped with whole milk, provides the same tang and leavening properties of buttermilk when baking a batch of Mom’s banana nut bread*
  • socks are easier to sort and fold in the daylight than in the glow of a bedside lamp
  • when ironing shirts, tackle no more than 5 in a row, else one grows weary and sloppy
  • laundry really is easier to manage when done in smaller loads every few days
  • cleaning the kitchen as one goes makes for a much less demanding post-party effort
  • one shouldn’t read published reactions to the unimagined and unimaginable massacre in Connecticut whilst eating ones lunch, or one wets ones food with ones tears

*my mother never did keep buttermilk at home, but practiced this trick instead, a trick for which I’m grateful!