Daily Archives: December 8, 2012

The tree

The holiday season has arrived at Chez Carter.  Samson’s ornament is on the tree.  Also on the tree are numerous ornaments created by mother, one painted by Aunt Esther many years ago, mementos of shows and casts, ornaments purchased on my various trips around the world, and gifts from students and friends over nearly 30 years of adult life.  This tree is filled with memories as well as life.  (But the tree itself, of course, is a pre-lit factory creation, most likely made in a shop in China.)

Musico-schizo day

I have had a musico-schizo day, at least in my own estimation.

Morning = coachings of legit and Broadway rep with freshmen music theater majors.

Late morning = work one more time on a cabaret act with an MT senior.

Early afternoon = work Christmas music with a high school student.

Mid-afternoon = play pop, jazz, and Broadway music for three cabaret performances featuring senior MT students.

My senior student Jordan, along with Christina and Becca, at today's cabaret performance.
My senior student Jordan, along with Christina and Becca, at today’s cabaret performance.

Late afternoon = sing at The Church of Saint Michael and Saint George in  a service full of silence, incense, reflection, plainsong Propers, and a Palestrina four-part mass setting, the latter two items in Latin.

Now = pizza for dinner, followed by a couple of Clementines.  And now to put up the Christmas tree whilst listening to Bryn Terfel’s Christmas album, the orchestra conducted by my old friend Tecwyn Evans.