The Long Weekend

Well . . . ’tis really the long continuation of the week.

Friday.  New-student auditions.  A dozen wanna-be music majors.  Quite fun day.  Teach class and a voice lesson, and take 7 quick meetings.  Attend Faculty Composers Concert.  Sing premiere of my “Three Teasdale Songs” with oboe.  Home at 9.30.

The final act on last evening's composers concert.
The final act on last evening’s composers concert.

Saturday.  Out the door at 9.  Produce the rehearsal for A Gift to the City, Webster University’s annual holiday concert.  Dash to school to play piano for and music direct a staged reading of Spring Awakening with Conservatory kids. Maybe home for a few minutes. At church by 4 for the Advent I Vigil Mass, singing in lots of Latin in plainsong and four-part polyphony.  Maybe attend Yours, Anne at school tonight, depending on my weariness factor.

Sunday.  Advent I services at church, including “O thou, the central orb,” one of my favorite anthems.  A couple of hours off then.  At the cathedral by 1 for A Gift to the City with a 2 p.m. start time.  Dash to church for rehearsal and service of Advent Lessons and Carols.  Restive reception follows.  I should be home by 7 p.m.

This means three 10-hours-of-‘on’-time days in a row.  Monday will be a 14-hour day.  Tuesday will feel like vacation in comparison.

I thought several years ago that when I stopped singing so much, and conducting so much, my Advent season would slow.  But this weekend every semester is a full one, since it’s the last weekend before the last week of class, and we go dark during the last ten days of the semester to allow students rest and focus on studies and juries.

Bring on December!  I am ready indeed!!

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