The Lord giveth

And the Lord taketh away.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

I received word recently that a dear and delighted and devoted student is going to be making some changes.  I applaud his decision and his bravery and his clarity in this important life change.  He’s incredibly centered and self-aware, and I have no doubt he’s doing a right thing.

But my own bittersweet sense of loss is pretty strong too.

The price one pays for teaching and sharing and coaching is that the students learn to make their own decisions. That price includes the sadness when a student leaves, or a cherished kid graduates, or when life leads elsewhere.  The payoff, of course, is the joy in teaching and the thrill of making discoveries together, and the peace that pervades when good teaching and good learning meet and embrace.

In all these cases, right is right.  I rejoice in that.

And now the world is right, and true.

But I shall miss this kid.

2 thoughts on “The Lord giveth

  1. Proud to say that this morning Greg Morgan and David Angus were ordained priests at GHT. Both are openly gay and partnered. We sang Kevin Oldham’s “My Lord Thou Art in Ev’ry Breath I Take”, meanwhile a film featuring him opened at the Tivoli.
    All on World Aids Day.

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