Daily Archives: November 27, 2012

New website launch

The Webster University Department of Music launched a new website today.


This is the result of several years of design and publishing work by the Global Marketing team, then several weeks of migrating, re-writing, new writing, uploading, editing, and such from me to get the Department of Music site ready to go.

It’s a work in progress, of course, and not fully populated yet, but it’s up!  And for a while, my evenings are mine again.

Sara Teasdale

After setting three Sara Teasdale poems this weekend, for voice and oboe, I am even more in love with this poet.  Her simplicity and directness is so eloquent.


Love entered in my heart one day,
A sad, unwelcome guest;
But when he begged that he might stay,
I let him wait and rest.

He broke my sleep with sorrowing,
And shook my dreams with tears,
And when my heart was fain to sing,
He stilled its joy with fears.

But now that he has gone his way,
I miss the old sweet pain,
And sometimes in the night I pray
That he may come again.